Episode 1 – Jen Keir: Discussion on absorption exposures & her FF cancer research projects

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSOn the debut episode of “The 25 Live” Podcast, Jim Burneka from the Firefighter Cancer Consultants interviews Ottawa’s own Jen Keir.  Jen discusses her past research on absorption exposures and also her ongoing firefighter cancer research projects. 

Local church donates wipes to their Fire Department to help firefighters prevent cancer

I just saw this news story on my local feed.   It’s great to see the Huber Heights Fire Department following through with one of the numerous recommendations of my action plan report.  Kudos to the Engage Church for helping supply the Huber Heights Fire Department with a year supply of these wipes that are specialized formulated to help clean …

Firefighter Wipes

I’ve preached in the past about using wet wipes while on scene of a fire.  It’s imperative that we try to get these different chemicals and carcinogens off of us as soon as possible.  The traditional baby wipe is better than nothing, however, there are several firefighter specific wet wipes now available that are worth looking into.  All of these …

Second Set of Fire Gear

Jim Burneka of Firefighter Cancer Consultants discuss why having a second set of fire gear is not a luxury….it’s a necessity!  Links to the studies are located in the blog. https://firefightercancerconsultants.com Fast Test Powerpoint:  http://www.firesmoke.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/RTI+Test+Report+-+Fluorescent+Aerosol+Screening+Test+-+2015.pdf UC Study by Dr. Stuart Baxter:  http://www.ul.com/global/documents/offerings/industries/buildingmaterials/fireservice/WEBDOCUMENTS/EMW-2007-FP-02093.pdf UC Powerpoint by Dr. Stuart Baxter:  https://iab.gov/Uploads/Firefighter_Cancer_in_the_New_Fire_Environment.pdf