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Who We Are

The Firefighter Cancer Consultants, LLC was established in late 2014. We have assisted Fire Departments throughout the country with their Firefighter Cancer Awareness, Prevention, and Support programs. The Firefighter Cancer Consultants, LLC specialize in evaluating Fire Departments through interviews, policy/procedure review, and station inspections. The information obtained is used to create an individualized department program that will help reduce the risk of members receiving an occupational cancer diagnosis.


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Why This Matters

Occupational cancer is the most significant threat our Firefighters face. Being aggressive towards cancer prevention will give your Firefighters the best chance of having a long, healthy career, and the opportunity to enjoy their retirement.

Why does this matter? Because reducing the risk of your members being diagnosed with cancer will positively impact your department.

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"I highly recommend Firefighter Cancer Consultants to any department that is serious about the health of their employees now and into the future. Using the knowledge that was provided in the training sessions and Action Plan Report, employees of the Kettering Fire Department and my union brothers and sisters are better prepared to be healthier now and reduce their chances of contracting occupational cancer in the future while enjoying their hard-earned retirements."

Peter Burcham, President Kettering Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 2150


The Firefighter Cancer Consultants, LLC does not believe in cookie cutter presentations and solutions.  There is not a 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to firefighter cancer prevention.  

We take the time and effort to learn how your department functions on the fire scene and back in the firehouse.  Through interviews, policy reviews, and station inspections we create a unique training and report specific to your Fire Department.


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