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Are you doing enough?

The Firefighter Cancer Consultants was established in late 2014. We have assisted Fire Departments throughout the US & Canada with establishing or enhancing their Firefighter Cancer Awareness, Prevention, and Support programs.

The Firefighter Cancer Consultants does not believe in cookie cutter presentations and solutions. There is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to firefighter cancer prevention.

We take the time and effort to learn how YOUR department functions on the fire scene and back at the firehouse. Through interviews, policy reviews, and station inspections we create a unique training and report specific to your Fire Department.

Committed to Improving
FireFighter Health and Safety


What we can do for you

We believe that the actions we take early on in our careers have the potential to positively or negatively impact our health in the future.  The firefighter Cancer Consultants strive to help your members have long, healthy careers, as well as the opportunity to enjoy their retirement with their families.

The Firefighter Cancer Consultants work with your department to ensure the department is using the best practices available to reduce your members’ risk of being diagnosed throughout their lifetime with occupational cancer.

Our program can give your members a fighting chance to make it through their career cancer free, as well as assist your department reduce costs towards workers compensation claims, health care, life insurance, and line of duty payouts.

References and Testimonials

“Mr. Burneka instructed our personnel in Occupational Cancer Awareness on all three 24 hour shifts. These trainings are very important in helping our personnel understand their risks are increasing but there are ways to reduce the risk of exposure. This training also created buy-in on our department and helped change the culture towards a safer way of doing business. Our culture now is much more geared towards healthy living and safer working practices. Additionally, the Union and Fire Administration are working together towards this common goal. Together we were able to secure free skin exams from a local dermatologist group and stressed the importance of full physical exams. This initiative helped three of our members find cancers very early-on. All three are well today!

“I cannot stress enough how important it is to proactively change the culture of your fire department. I highly recommend Firefighter Cancer Consultants for fire departments that are serious about the safety and health of their personnel. Our hope is that when a Kettering firefighter retires, he or she will enjoy a long and happy retirement. The personalized Action Plan and training provided by FCC was invaluable in providing the tools necessary to make the essential changes to the Kettering Fire Department which will decrease the risk to our members from receiving an occupational cancer diagnosis.”


Mike Miller

Assistant Chief

Contact: (937) 604-3611