Upcoming Ohio FF Presumption Hearing

On Tuesday April 5th the Ohio Senate Insurance Committee will hold a hearing and possible vote for the Firefighter Cancer Presumption Bill (Senate Bill 27). The hearing will be at 1030 in the morning at the State Capitol Building. This Bill would allow Cancer of the lung, brain, kidney, bladder, rectum, stomach, skin, or prostate;Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma;Leukemia; Multiple Myeloma; Testicular or Colorectal cancer to be covered under workers comp if they are a full-time firefighter with 5 years in the pension. The cancers listed are specifically named in the recent NIOSH study.

To put Firefighter Cancer Presumption bills in perspective:

– 36 states currently have a cancer presumption bill
– 3 new states are awaiting their Governor’s signature to finalize their FF Cancer Presumption Bill.
– All but one providence has FF Cancer Presumption in Canada.

The State of Ohio were early adopters of cancer awareness, but our state has become a minority regarding firefighter cancer presumption.

Please tell your firefighter brothers and sisters to show up on the 5th and help get this bill to the Senate floor!



Jim Burneka Jr.


Firefighter Cancer Consultants


Senate Bill 27: