National Firefighter Cancer Presumption Update

March has been an extremely successful month regarding Firefighter Cancer Presumption Bills across the country.  Idaho and Georgia placed their presumption bills on their Governor’s desk.  Kentucky also placed a Firefighter Cancer death benefit bill on their Governors desk.  These three bills combined had an overwhelming 427 votes in favor versus 23 opposed (98%).  All three Governors are expecting to sign these bills into law.  Also, The Michigan Senate voted 37 – 0 to fund their Firefighter Cancer Presumption law that passed in 2015.  This bill now moves to the Michigan House for their vote.


According to my math that means that 39 out of 50 states will soon have a Firefighter Cancer Presumption Bill in some form.  Firefighters across the nation are slowly, but surely winning this fight.  At this point anytime a state adds a Firefighter Cancer Presumption law, not only does it benefit that state, it benefits the remaining states that are still fighting for assistance.


Keep up the good work my Firefighter Brothers and Sisters!