Firefighter Cancer Presumption Testimony

senate bill 27Earlier today I had the honor of representing The OAPFF regarding the Ohio Firefighter Cancer Presumption Bill, aka Senate Bill 27 during a Senate Insurance Committee hearing.  My testimony centered around how far the fire service has come regarding firefighter cancer.  I spoke about how when I first starting preaching about our increased risk of being diagnosed with cancer nobody wanted to hear it. As more studies were released and more fighters were being diagnosed the culture slowly started to change.  Firefighters are now aware of the risks and practicing the steps that will help decrease their risk of being diagnosed.


I have been so caught up in the future regarding firefighter cancer that I haven’t reflected on the past in a considerable amount of time.  It is a great feeling to see how far the fire service has come regarding occupational cancer.  Presently, 36 states have firefighter cancer presumption laws.  The majority of the remaining states are actively seeking their own presumptive laws.  Hopefully in the near future the entire nation will cover their firefighters when they receive a cancer diagnosis.

Keep up the good work my friends!  The handwork is paying off.