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I recently saw a news story coming out of Goodyear Arizona pertaining to a Firefighter Cancer Prevention Pledge.  This department and union has realized through some unfortunate recent cancer diagnoses that occupational cancer is a serious threat to their careers and lives.  This Goodyear Fire Department is trying to be pro-active and change the ways they do business.  This is an excerpt of their Pledge:

“In recent months two of our brother firefighters have been diagnosed with and are in the midst of their fight against cancer. The stress and uncertainty of such a diagnosis affects not only the member, but their entire family. With that in mind the Goodyear Fire Department would like to make every effort to support our extended family in any way possible. As an organization, we can do our part to help fight cancer. There have been simple yet effective preventative measures that can be taken to help reduce the risks of cancer. This pledge is simple, but meaningful. I pledge to take these simple preventative steps to help the fight against cancer.”

I associate the 11 steps that are include in the pledge as an updated version of the 11 steps used in the “Taking Action Against Cancer In The Fire Service” White Paper.

This department and Union get it!  This is something that fire departments across the country can and should do!

Below is a link to the news story, and I have also graciously been given the “Goodyear Fire Department Fight Against Cancer Pledge” by Chief Luizzi.  That link is also below.

Keep up the good work Goodyear Arizona! (Home of my Reds spring training)


News Report:





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