Fire Department Skin Evaluation Update

Here is an update from the Dayton Fire Department skin exam screenings:

Over a three day period, Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Associates saw 219 individuals. These included active duty Dayton Fire, spouse and kids along with retirees, rookies and 3 student ride alongs.

They scheduled 70 patients while on site. Totals include 22% of individuals need a 3-6 month follow and 34% needing at least a yearly visit to monitor skin conditions.

More than 50% of those seen needed some form of follow up for conditions of the skin.

Special thanks to Matt Kintz of Premier Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Associates, and Mark Rine of Columbus Fire & his organization SKNLUV and various members of the DFD.

Your department can schedule free skin evaluations going through Marks website at:



Jim Burneka

Firefighter Cancer Consultants