Episode 61 – Carney Strong Takeover

Jim’s on funeral leave, so Carney Stong has taken over “The 25 Live”! Our host Lillian Carney brings in Tonya Cronin and Kristine Powers to discuss the creation of the Carney Strong Initiative and the newly signed SC FF Cancer Presumption Bill.


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  1. I may be a little partial but I loved it. Good information, great organization with true passion and understanding. In all honesty, again Jim thank you for entrusting us with the podcast. It is the least we could do to help you out for as much time and energy you have given to not just us at Carney Strong, but firefighter cancer. I hope we did you proud.

  2. Great presentation. I very much enjoyed learning more about the origin of the Carney Strong Initiative. Firefighter cancer is a real problem, but we are finding real answers to help reduce the numbers. We have come so far in the last few years with convincing firefighters that crusty, dirty gear is not cool and should not be considered a badge of honor.

    The firefighter wipes are such a good idea and everyone has to start some place. Starting with a single box of wipes sends a message to our brothers and sisters that we care. It gave them a chance to start something new; a priming of the pump so to speak. Keep up the fight, so that everyone goes home

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