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  1. Excellent presentation. I was especially interested in hearing about Benzo a Pyrene. I would enjoy having a more detailed discussing with Christina concerning the exposures my department personnel has endured from the 1970 – 1984 time frame.

  2. Thank you for a great potcast.
    This is exactly parts of what I work for in Denmark where I live and throughout Europe.
    I was in Miami University last year to the conference about firefighters and cancers. What a great conference with a lot of competent speakers and participants. I war invited there to and brought my poster presentation showing preliminary results from our ongoing study called How clean is clean and also showing a special truck made for the purpose to go to the fire scene for firefighters to get proper showered as soon as they exit the fire. Also bringing complete secondary turnout gear.
    You are doing such great studies over there and you are a great inspiration for our work here in Denmark. I just want you to know that ‍
    I you get the time please take a look at our website and feel free to give me your studies to put out there.
    About taking showers I always recomend the following which I actually discussed with Jeffery Burgess in Miami and earlier in Denmark when he was here.
    1) Shower in water with a comfortable temperature. No scrubbing and sope.
    2) Go into the sauna and stay there until you sweat.
    3) Shower as in number 1).
    4) Now shower using soap as normal.
    I think we should remember that when the firefighters get exposed our pores in the skin is open which is why it might be a good idea to use the sauna to sweat out just a little bit extra to shower off afterwards and then make the full sope shower. I know we could use more data in this area and so I look forward to Jeffrey’s studies on this area. Maybe infrared sauna is better because it doesn’t increase the heart beat the same way as the traditional sauna does?
    All the best to you all.
    Stay safe

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