Episode 53 – Scott Geiselhart

Scott was a Volunteer FF in Frazee Minnesota. During his career he saw numerous traumatic runs that gave him extreme flashbacks and nightmares. In this episode Scott discusses how he turned to Alcohol and Meth to try and cope. Scott will also discuss his suicide attempt which lead to his PTSD diagnosis and ultimately, his road to recovery. Scott’s website can be found at:


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  1. Wow……..very powerful. I just recently retired from the fire service with almost 25 years. Back in 2018, I went after my step-daughter in a storm of rage. I grabbed her by the throat and pinned her down on her bed. She threw me up against the wall and it was like I lifted out of my body and re-watched the event take place. I then packed a clothes bag and left the house. I then realized I needed help. I went to a counselor, only lasting 4-5 sessions, and I told the wife I was done. Fast forward to February 2020 when I put on a mental health awareness class. During the presentation, there was a slide that popped up, at the same time the wife and I looked at each other, and she said “That’s you”. I ended up deciding that it was time again to see someone. Going through one of the attendees (a friend of mine), I called his doctor and he was not accepting new patients, but recommended 2 other therapist. I took a chance and I have been seeing her since April. She has a military background and various clients with a military and emergency services background. The greatest thing is that she relates, where the first therapist could not. We have been meeting every other week via telecommunications, once we can meet in person, she wants to try EMDR. Through all of this, I have learned a lot about myself. I am wanting to share my story and help others as you are doing. Thank you for telling your story.

    Division Chief (ret)
    NW Indiana

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