Action needed for Ohio Volunteer Firefighters

Senate Bill 27 is currently being debated in the Ohio House Insurance Committee.  There has been speculation that some individuals on the committee would like to remove volunteer firefighters from the bill.  I personally disagree with this action.

I’ve said this line over and over throughout the years…  “Cancer does not discriminate”.  Cancer doesn’t care what sex, race, or religion you are.  Cancer doesn’t care if you are a part time, volunteer, or career firefighter.  Fires that take place in volunteer communities are the same as fires in career protected communities.  We all get exposed to the same chemicals and carcinogens at these fires.  Volunteer firefighters may not have the quantity of fires that career firefighters have, but all it takes is one significant quality exposure.

To take coverage away from firefighters who don’t receive insurance benefits through their fire department, and are doing this job for free, or receiving very little compensation is unethical.

I encourage all volunteer firefighters to reach out to their representatives ASAP!  Information on the bill and your representative can be found at