Jeffrey Payne
Director & Chief
Dayton Fire Department

Jim was able to evaluate our department and make recommendations on what we could do to decrease our member’s risk of being diagnosed with cancer.Many of the items that Jim presented had little or no cost associated with them and could quickly be put into place. Our management felt that we could concentrate on those items initially, and work our way up to the more costly suggestions once we had a good base. Jim also trained all of our members in cancer awareness and prevention.

Having this training has helped our members realize how significant a problem firefighter cancer is and they have been more readily willing to accept Jim’s cancer prevention recommendations.
If your department is serious about lowering the risk of cancer diagnoses for its members, you should consider giving Jim a call.





Gaye Jordan, President Dayton Firefighters IAFF Local 136

Jim Burneka has been instrumental in helping IAFF Local 136 bring about awareness and behavioral change as it relates to Cancer and Cancer prevention in the fire service. Jim has been my go-to guy for research, assessments, training, State House legislative work, and presentations to fire management and operations. He produces department specific strategic plans that are manageable and make sense to both management and the union brothers and sisters. We have used his work through the Labor/Management process to bring change awareness to our members and also to change numerous Standard Operating Procedures.

As president, I appreciate having a cancer expert who I can call upon that can bring reliable, and simplistic information for all to understand.





Chief Mark Ashworth
Chief Mark Ashworth
Huber Heights Fire Division

Recently, the Huber Heights Fire Division was evaluated by Jim Burneka from the Firefighter Cancer Consultants with our current policies, procedures and practices as it relates to our efforts in minimizing our membership to the risk of exposure to carcinogens.

I was very impressed with the end product and as a result have instituted several changes within our organization.  Many times the simplest precautions are over looked and Mr. Burneka was extremely thorough with his study.

In closing I would recommend an evaluation of this type be conducted to ensure that we are doing everything within our ability to minimize any chance of exposure of carcinogens and the Firefighter Cancer Consultants succeeded with that very need.






John Russell
Huber Hts., IAFF Local 2926

The Firefighter Cancer Consultants recently concluded their assessment of the Huber Heights Fire Department.  The assessment included training for our firefighters, station inspections, and a review of the department’s policies that are relevant to firefighter cancer.   The assessment resulted in a very thorough and comprehensive action plan that graded our department in a multitude of firefighter cancer topics.

The action plan summarized specific recommendations on how to improve our department in areas that were deficient. 

The training that was conducted gave our members a better understanding of how significant a problem occupational cancer is.  Ever since that training I have noticed a different attitude within our members.

Our members are now open to preventive measures that they would have resisted before the training.
The members of Local 2926 have a greater opportunity to finish their careers, and live a long, healthy life thanks to the training and interventions brought to us by the Firefighter Cancer Consultants.
If you are sincere about minimizing the risk of cancer for your members, you should give the Firefighter Cancer Consultants a call.





Michael A. Muhl

Battalion Chief

Huber Fire Division

I would like to personally thank you for your efforts to help the Huber Heights Fire Division identify and implement operational ideals, policies, and procedures to minimize the risk of occupational cancer to our members.  Your personal efforts, and the efforts the Firefighter Cancer Consultants, LLC have provided valuable feedback and information, thereby allowing, and compelling the Command Staff to further analyze the Huber Heights Fire Division’s efforts to keep its members safe, while operating with increased awareness to the risk of occupational cancer within the fire service. I appreciate:

•     A passion and commitment to the mission of your company.
•    Vetted knowledge of the topic that your company has chosen to address.
•    Devotion of time and effort to learn and understand the operational procedures and guiding policies of the Huber Heights Fire Division as they related to your company’s objectives.
•    Excellent, nationally recognized reference material, allowing an organization to minimize the effort dedicated to development and implementation of polices and procedures related to occupational cancer its risks in the fire    service.
•    Comprehensive action plan for easier reference and dissemination to the general membership.

Jim, I truly appreciate the time and effort that you have given this organization.  Please know that your efforts have already sparked actions, and some of the deficiencies that were noted in your report, have already been corrected, such as making sunscreen and disposable wipes available to members for use on emergency scenes.



Lt. Edward Myers
Wilmington Professional Firefighters L-3011

I have had the privilege of knowing Jim Burneka since 2010. Jim is a firefighter’s firefighter. He is passionate about cancer prevention and sharing the dangers with any firefighter that will listen. During Jim’s training he brought to light many cancer issues that our members never thought of being a danger. Jim provided us with a very manageable plan to reduce our cancer risk.

The vast majority of his recommendations had little or no cost associated with them at all. Jim is very knowledgeable when it comes to our profession and the inherent cancer risks that are associated with it.

Our department was really concerned about reducing our cancer risk due to the high rate of our retired guys developing cancer. Jim did an outstanding job of steering our department in the right direction.








Robert Corwin
Robert Corwin

Vice President

Vandalia Firefighters Local 3519

Jim’s training was very beneficial to our Fire Department employees.  Jim was able to keep our employees engaged in a subject that is generally difficult to talk about.  You can tell that Jim is still a firefighter and his message is not just being preached about, his message is personal, and the delivery is from one firefighter to another.

In the aftermath of Jim’s arrival, the Vandalia Fire Department has clear obtainable goals that are being aggressively worked on to reduce our Fire Department employees risk of being diagnosed with occupational cancer.  It is evident in our Fire Department employees actions that they have taken Jim’s training to heart.  Our employees now understand how their actions today may effect their lives, and their families lives in the future. 

Most of the trainings that our Fire Department does is centered around the citizens we serve.  This training/assessment is about taking care of our own.  I highly recommend bringing in Jim Burneka of the Firefighter Cancer Consultants.  His ability to understand and train your Fire Department is unprecedented. I believe our employees will truly benefit from this experience by having a longer career, and most importantly a longer life as a result.

Robert Corwin
Vice President
Vandalia Firefighters Local 3519






Chad Follick
Chad E. Follick
Fire Chief

Vandalia Division of Fire

In a joint labor and management effort the City of Vandalia’s Division of Fire contracted with Firefighter Cancer Consultants to provide an evaluation of the Division of Fire’s policies, procedures, and fire station environments against already established standards and best practices.  The goal of these assessments was to determine how the Division of Fire was addressing the increasing threat of occupational cancers.   

The Division of Fire asked Jim Burneka, President of the Firefighter Cancer Consultants, to conduct fire station assessments, review our general operating guidelines, and to assist us with identifying where the Division of Fire could improve operational awareness and training to aid us in reducing this risk to our employees.   Jim was efficient, honest and comprehensive in his report.  The local and I believed that Jim would identify things that we were already aware of and working on; we didn’t think they would find trouble areas that we hadn’t already identified, but he did. 

Jim was given permission to share the results of our assessment with our staff during his training sessions.  This proved beneficial, our staff responded well to the transparency as it was an eye opener for them as well.  They continue to inquire about the findings of the assessment and where we are with improvement measures.  The staff seems to be more aware and responsive to the steps they need to take to reduce their personal risk.

I appreciate the work of Jim Burneka and of the Firefighter Cancer Consultants; both are committed to improving firefighter health and safety and reducing the risk of exposure to occupational cancers. 

 I would encourage other fire service professionals to take a closer look at their organizations operations and to take affirmative steps to improve the working environment for your employees.  Our profession is inherently dangerous, many of those threats to our health and wellbeing we have very little or no control of.  This is a threat that proactive identification and actions can significantly reduce the occupational risk of exposure.