jimlookingatdeskThe Firefighter Cancer Consultants, LLC was established in late 2014.  We have assisted Fire Departments across the country establish or enhance their Firefighter Cancer Awareness, Prevention, and Support Programs.





jimlookingatdryerThe Firefighter Cancer Consultants, LLC will visit your department to evaluate your fire stations, and review your department policies/procedures. We will compose an individualized plan for your department with items that will help decrease your member’s risk of being diagnosed with Firefighter occupational cancer.




jimlookingatfiretruckThe Firefighter Cancer Consultants, LLC will compose a department specific Report stating where you currently stands on issues regarding occupational cancer.  The report offers recommendations based off of NFPA Standards and studies.  The report is based on best practices to reduce your members risk of being diagnosed with cancer.



Contact: (937) 604-3611