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Firefighter Cancer Consultants

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We are firefighters with special training designed to help municipalities, townships, and county governments protect their employees from the risk of developing cancer.

"Multiple Studies have shown that Firefighters have an increased risk of being diagnosed with cancer. Firefighter Cancer Consultants can show the actions that can be taken to minimize that risk."

 Jim Burneka, Founder and CEO

Jim Burneka

Jim Burneka is a Dayton, Ohio Firefighter/Paramedic, and Certified Fire Instructor. Jim has been involved with the fight against occupational firefighter cancer since 2007. Jim was heavily involved with the development of the “Taking Action Against Cancer in the Fire Service” White paper, and the upcoming International Association of Firefighters cancer awareness & prevention online program. Jim has also written several cancer prevention articles for Fire Engineering.

What Our Clients Say

"If your department is serious about lowering the risk of cancer diagnoses for its members, you should consider giving Jim a call."

Chief Jeffrey Payne, Dayton Fire Department

"I was very impressed with the end product and as a result have instituted several changes within our organization.  Many times the simplest precautions are over looked and Mr. Burneka was extremely thorough with his study. "

Chief Mark Ashworth, Huber Hts. Fire Department

"I appreciate the work of Jim Burneka and of the Firefighter Cancer Consultants; both are committed to improving firefighter health and safety and reducing the risk of exposure to occupational cancers."

Chief Chad Follick, Vandalia Fire Department

What Makes Us Different

We've all heard the stories of firefighters working 25 or 30 years finally retiring and finding out the horrible news the have cancer.  We believe there are simple steps fire departments can take to significantly reduce a firefighter's chance of getting cancer.

The Firefighter Cancer Consultants (FCC) will visit your department to evaluate your fire stations, and review your department policies/procedures. The FCC will compose an individualized plan for your department with items that will help to decrease your member’s risk of being diagnosed with cancer.

Firefighter Cancer Consultants (FCC) provides personalized training for your departmental that includes a firefighter cancer awareness and prevention module.

The training modules are simple and to the point. Your members will walk away with a better understanding of how significant of a problem occupational cancer is, and can instantly use that knowledge to reduce their risk of receiving a cancer diagnosis.


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We’re looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to protect your firefighters from the significant risk of cancer. Your consultation will be confidential and you are under no obligation to retain our services. Our consultants are ready to help you make simple changes that change lives. Please click the button below to schedule your consultation.