Creating A Cancer Resistant Fire Department


Firefighter Cancer Consultants

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We are firefighters with special training designed to help municipalities, townships, and county governments protect their employees from the risk of developing cancer.

"Multiple Studies have shown that Firefighters have an increased risk of being diagnosed with cancer. Firefighter Cancer Consultants can show the actions that can be taken to minimize that risk."

What Our Clients Say

"Jim Burneka brings his proven expertise and significant experience in all aspects of combatting this silent threat to the long-term health of firefighters to the table: he has been on the front lines in researching the myriad ways in which cancer has plagued our profession, has worked tirelessly to bring the issue into focus within state legislatures and municipal leadership, and has an extensive resume of providing detailed evaluations of risks, large and small, in the many departments with whom he’s worked."

Pete Pajowski,
South Bend Fire Department
Health and Safety Committee Chairman

"I can unequivocally recommend Firefighter Cancer Consultants and Jim Burneka to any department that is serious about managing risk and offering their personnel the best tools and training available to get the job done."

Assistant Chief Todd Skwarcan,
South Bend Fire Department

"I appreciate the work of Jim Burneka and of the Firefighter Cancer Consultants; both are committed to improving firefighter health and safety and reducing the risk of exposure to occupational cancers."

Chief Chad Follick,
Vandalia Fire Department

What Makes Us Different

The Firefighter Cancer Consultants, LLC does not believe in cookie cutter presentations and solutions.  There is not a one size fits all when it comes to firefighter cancer prevention.  
We take the time and effort to learn how your department functions on the fire scene and back in the firehouse.  Through interviews, policy reviews, and station inspections we create a unique training and report specific to your Fire Department.  The trainings include awareness, prevention, and support modules.  The report is based on NFPA Standards, and Scientific Studies.  The report concentrates on the best practices for your department to reduce the risk of your members being diagnosed with cancer.  We also leave you with a sample policy binder to help with the creation/revision of firefighter cancer related policies.  
This program has been successful with Fire Departments large and small. The program is versatile in that it builds upon existing plans, as well as creating plans for departments just beginning to recognize the need for change.


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We’re looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to protect your firefighters from the significant risk of cancer. Your consultation will be confidential and you are under no obligation to retain our services. Our consultants are ready to help you make simple changes that change lives. Please click the button below to schedule your consultation.